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Below are the official guideline for new bEpic distributors from the company management – the necessary first steps to successfully start your own Epic business. UPDATED: 03/13/20

Getting Started Checklist For New Brand Partners

To ensure a successful start, complete this “Getting Started Checklist” as soon as possible!

Part 1: Complete Your Account Set-Up

Verify that your payment went through (so you qualify for commissions).

Check your order (in your B-Epic account Order History) to verify that the payment went through. If it did not for some reason, address it right away because unpaid orders are not fulfilled and are not included in Commissions. (If you need to fix or change your billing information, contact Member Support.)

Double-check your shipping address (especially if you do not live in the USA).

Make sure the shipping address in your account is complete, correct (including Country), and can accept package deliveries. (If you need to fix or change it, you can create a new Shipping Profile.) Then, once your order ships, track it online and contact the shipping carrier directly if you have questions about delivery. (Tracking numbers are posted in your B-Epic account Order History.)

Set up your E-Wallet commissions account (so you can get paid).

The E-Wallet commission center is where you can overview your account balance as well as request and manage payouts/withdraws. But before you can cash out commissions, you need to set up your E-Wallet account. It’s very simple to do. You can also set it up to use your commissions to pay for your orders. (If you choose this option, be sure to keep your Default Billing Profile updated as a back-up payment method.)

Part 2: Get Connected and Oriented

Connect with your personal Sponsor (so they can help you get started).

When you are first getting started, the best place to get direction is from your personal B-Epic representative (Sponsor). (Their contact information is listed in the Welcome email you received when you signed up.) Working together you’ll experience greater success and develop true camaraderie! Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with people who have likeminded goals and are supportive of each other.

Familiarize yourself with everything in your account.

We have lots of great stuff for you! Look around your Back Office and familiarize yourself with everything available to you there. For more information about your account, business system, and marketing tools, go through the “Brand Partner Handbook”. Plus, check out the other valuable resources and frequently requested items on the Support page.

Reach out to Member Support (if you need additional assistance).

If you need assistance from Member Support, submit a support ticket via the Back Office online dashboard, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible (usually within 24 business hours). For fastest response, include all key details, including the applicable order number and username. Or call us at 888-335-7493 during business hours:

Monday-Thursday 9 am–5 pm*
Friday 9 am–2 pm
USA holidays closed

*Mountain Time (MT); time in Utah

Part 3: Stay Active and Start Building

Keep your account active (so you maximize your commissions and bonuses).

To maintain an active B-Epic account, you need a 40 PV or higher qualified product pack order each month. To maximize commissions and bonuses, you need to have a 70 CV or higher qualified product pack order every month. So, to make it easy and effortless, most members use Autoship (monthly subscription). Autoship was set up when you placed your order at sign-up (if you enabled it then), so your order will be processed every month (unless you change it).

Note: If you signed up with a free trial Independent Distributor (not Customer!) account, you need to upgrade your account with a qualified order within 30 days to stay active.

Start making money by inviting others to check out B-Epic.

To start making money right away, we recommend focusing on these three simple, proven steps: (1) Order a qualifying product pack of 70 CV or higher; (2) share with 2-5 people (ideally within your first two weeks); and (3) teach them each to do the same. Then duplicate these steps over and over to continue to build your team and increase your income. (Refer to the “Brand Partner Compensation Plan” at

One powerful way to connect with your prospects in a non-salesy way is with our state-of-the-art business building app. From the mobile app, you simply reach out to someone you know, then let the automated marketing system handle key steps for you. The B-Epic app is free and super easy to use from the start.

You can also invite prospects to a live B-Epic Business Overview Presentation that they can participate in online or by phone from almost anywhere in the world. They will hear all about B-Epic from corporate leaders and top Brand Partners, then you can sign them up right after.

Sign up new distributors and customers

All these members will be in your own BEpic organization. Thus, send people to your B-Epic URL to sign up as a customer (free) or a distributor (one-time, non-refundable fee). To ensure they get their product(s) every month, their order can be set up on monthly autoship at sign-up, but they can disable that feature or modify their order preferences later if they want for any reason. Reminder: Distributors need a qualified order each month to stay active (FYI, this does not apply to retail customers!).

If someone wants to get started in the business without purchasing any products and paying the sign-up fee, send them to your B-Epic Builder URL to sign up for a free spot. Reminder: Their free trial distributor account is good for 30 days, after-which they need to upgrade to stay active.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure people are placed in your B-Epic organization (and not in another Brand Partner’s inadvertently), have them sign up at one of the designated website URLs assigned to you. (Reminder, your assigned URLs end with your personal B-Epic username; they are listed in your Welcome email.)

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