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What is ELEV8?

Elev8 supplement is B-Epic’s most famous product for healing the whole body and mind. It is not just “green energy pills“. Designed to increase the adaptive abilities of the body and the brain, they quickly proved to be an excellent remedy which helps to fight against many problems – diseases of the joints, skin (psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, acne, hyper-pigmentation), benign tumors, high sugar and cholesterol in the blood, cysts, cerebral palsy, the consequences of heavy operations and chemotherapy and others.*

Elev8 Brief Info
  • Made in the USA by B-Epic using plant raw materials.
  • The Elev8 box contains 30 green capsules/pills. In the package there is either 1 blister with 30 capsules or 2 of 15 pieces.
  • The hue of the capsules changes from light green to dark green.
  • on the back of the blister are the repeating B-Epic logos in green or light green.
  • release form – only capsules. Elev8 is not available in tablets, gels, ampoules, etc.
  • produced at Everything Good Nutrition (North Salt Lake, Utah)
  • consisting of 25 herbal ingredients – mushrooms, herbs, vegetables and fruits
  • affects all body systems – musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, immune, respiratory, reproductive, skin and others.
  • suitable for children from 6 years old and people over 70
  • shelf life 36 months from the date of manufacture (MFG)
  • ASIN: B01MY6CKDX / UPC: 635833455972
  • more strength and energy
  • stronger immunity
  • healthier vessels and joints
  • skin diseases disappear
  • lower sugar and cholesterol
  • faster recovery
  • weight loss and better metabolism
  • stronger bones and muscles
  • body gets a cleaning agent
  • blood pressure returns to normal
  • cysts and fibrosis disappear
  • less stress, better mood
  • sharper memory and mind
  • patients feel much healthier
How it works?

Elev8 is a modern over-the-counter drug of the latest generation of functional cellular nutrition, which can be taken for years, and at least every day. It is not a synthetic drug with a limited dosage and a fixed course of administration. As experience shows, the longer people take capsules, the better their condition, and the more diseases they can get rid of. This product is also known to raise energy levels, although not limited to.

1. Power of adaptogenes

These pills saturate the body with plant adaptogens which is an incredible way to give the body ability to function as if you were at younger age. People not only look younger -their body acts as a younger one. This means that wounds heal faster, diseases go away easier, and resistance to infections and inflammatory processes increases significantly.

2. Brain functions improving

The brain usually controls all activities taking place in the body and therefore it has to be kept healthy at all times to ensure that this stature is maintained.

B-Epic ELEV8 is a natural dietary supplement with nootropics that is designed to achieve all this by providing brain health and its normal functioning. A healthy brain is the key to the health of other organs and systems of human body. It makes the customer active, smart and happy. You will be surprised what this can do to a person especially when it comes to health. It ensures that the user is healthy and stress-free and therefore getting rid of many conditions brought about by these problems. Elev8 Boosts Your Mind Naturally!

3. Elev8 = Energy

According to medical statistics, the main complaint of Americans, Canadians, British and Australians is a lack of energy! Many people, overloaded by high-stress jobs, too much information, inadequate nutrition and not enough time, are seeking help to energize their lives. They feel lifeless, tired and seek a natural solution to add vitality to their lives.

When fatigue is experienced, many sufferers go for coffee, drugs, carbohydrates or sugar to give them back an energy boost. The consumption of a high caloric snack or dubious energy drinks will provide temporary benefit, but the long term result is roller-coaster energy levels and weight gain. Alas, coffee and sugar are not the answers.

Elev8 increases consumer energy and eliminates fatigue. This B-Epic product is a very powerful energy supplement, which will boost your energy. Because of our life style and diet, a lot of people find it difficult to make it through the day without losing energy and being tired all the time. This is why so many people are turning to the Elev8. One pill will Power On Your Raw Energy!

How to take Elev8 (Directions)
  • In the first week you need to take 1/3 capsule per day.
  • In the second week, 1/2 capsule per day.
  • From the third, take a whole capsule.

Take the supplement 1 time per day, 10-15 minutes before breakfast. Drink at least 1 glass of water, and preferably even more. And during the day it is recommended to drink more water than usual.

ATTENTION: if you suffer from hypertension, diabetes or severe allergies, the dosage should be cut in half (the maximum dosage should be a half capsule per day).

Thus, the regimen is the same for various diseases and differs only in dosage.

To drink part of the capsule, open it, and pour the required amount of contents into a spoon.

No special diet is necessary. The supplement is compatible with medicines. Alcohol is not recommended, but allowed.

It is recommended to take the product at least for 2 to 3 months to determine its positive affects on your current health situation in order to reach sustainable results. However, the duration of the course is not clearly defined.

The shelf life of the capsules is three years.

Dosage warning

One box of capsules contains a one month supply (3o pills) Note: Elev8 is a powerful healing agent that requires responsibility and reasonable caution when taking. Almost always, diseases go through complications, and this is associated with a certain discomfort. Not everyone will quickly adapt to these capsules.

Therefore, in the beginning you should start with minimum dosage*, gradually increasing to one capsule. And people with serious health issues, should increase the dose more gradually

* In this case, you should open the capsule and divide the contents into several parts. Dissolve one part in a glass of water and drink.

Duration/Stopping of Taking

It should be remembered that Elev8 is a herbal product for cellular nutrition, but not a chemically synthesized drug. It can be taken regularly without limitation of duration.

You can also stop taking Elev8 at any time. The patient can make decisions on whether to continue or stop taking it, based on general condition and achieved health improvement. Consultation with a doctor is recommended.

The product is not addictive, therefore, stopping its use, you will not feel any negative effects.

Elev8 Ingredients

Elev8 capsules have a purely vegan composition. Conventionally, Elev8 ingredients can be divided into three groups:

  1. Adaptogen plants that increase the body’s resistance and adapt to weather, climate and daily routine change etc.
  2. Components that positively affect the energy functions of the body and brain activity
  3. Vegetables and fruit extracts provide the body with variety of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glycosides, terpenes etc.) and fiber

Full composition: Rhodiola herbaceous plant pink (otherwise – the golden root), Ganoderma mushroom (otherwise – Linchzhy or Reishi), Bacopa Monier grass (aks Brahmi), Cordyceps fungi, Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes), Chaga (sterile form of the fungus Inonotus obliquus), Paraguayan tea tree (or Paraguayan holly; Yerba mate), Chlorogenic acid from green coffee, L-theanine amino acid (aka L-tianine; extracted from plants and mushrooms), Natural vitamin B3, Guarana (fruits of Paullinia cupana), Yohimbine (obtained from the bark of a yohimba tree), Extracts of Cranberry, Spinach, Broccoli, Carrot, Grape, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Tomatoes, Apples, Oranges, Cherry, Black Pepper

Is Elev8 Safe?

To answer this question, we quote the authoritative review site

B-Epic ELEV8 Ingredients – Are they Safe and Effective?

This product uses natural ingredients and therefore we can say that it is safe and effective. The natural ingredients ensure that the user does not suffer from side effects which are as a result of chemical additives. It might improve the functionality of the brain. It might keep the user active and alert. It might enhance memory It might get rid of fatigue and drowsiness during activities. It is considered a great source of natural energy

Elev8 Ingredients – are they effective & safe?

B-Epic uses natural ingredients only and therefore we can say that Elev8 is safe. The natural ingredients ensure that the user does not suffer from side effects which are as a result of chemical or GMO additives. Elev8 is effective, because all its ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional medicine in different countries, and are considered very strong. Let us take a look at the main ingredients:

Bacopa Monnieri – This product reduces the stress levels of the user thus having a positive impact on the mood. It also improves the memory and at the same time keeps the consumer happy.

Rhodiola Rosea – This is a herb which is mostly used to combat fatigue and to ensure that the user has high energy levels and also increases the rate of metabolism which makes the brain healthy and active.

Reishi Mushroom – This ingredient is commonly used to ensure that the body has a strong immunity thus protecting it from disease causing organisms. It also ensures that the body has enough supply of oxygen and all hormones are balanced.

Guarana – This ingredient is obtained from a plant which is commonly found in the Amazon rain forest and it is mainly used to improve memory and to ensure that the consumer is active and alert at all times.

Yohimbin – This ingredient is obtained from the bark of a tree commonly found in Central Africa and it is used to stimulate nervous activity.

Chaga – This ingredient is a type of mushroom which is normally used medicinally to treat many ailments. It is beneficial to this product because it has protective benefits and it also helps get rid of stress, and also inhibits the growth of cancerous cells.

Cordyceps – This is also a type of mushroom which is known for its ant-oxidant properties. It helps get rid of anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue. It also gives strength and stamina.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – This ingredient is obtained from coffee beans. It also helps boost the immune system of the user and also help reduce excess weight. It is mostly important because it helps reduce blood pressure of the individual.

Yerba Mate – This ingredient is important for its increase in libido, improve the mood of the user and also help reduce stress levels[3].

L-Theanine – This organic ingredient is responsible for keeping the user relaxed and also get rid of fatigue. It keeps the user alert and gets rid of drowsiness.

B group Vitamins – These vitamins help increase the rate of metabolism and oth.

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